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October 30, 2006
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Skeletor by GlamourBoy Skeletor by GlamourBoy
Ok, so hereís my Skeletor costume. I started working on it in September and finished it a few days before my Halloween party (October 28th).

Hereís my take on SkeletorÖ

I guess I was inspired by a lot of things to make this costume. I always loved the Masters of the Universe: the toys, the books, the show, the movie, etc. I also watched CKY religiously over the summer and saw the Skeletor/Beastman video (for those of you not familiar with this, check out Youtube) a million times. While watching Brandon DiCamillo, dressed as Skeletor, dancing on a desk, I said to myself, ĎI want to make a bad ass Skeletor costume.í

So I gathered all the inspiration I could. I grabbed the old and new toys. I watched the movie and cartoons a bunch of times. I searched online for as many Skeletor pictures as I could find. Then I decided how I wanted him to look, and what ideas and designs I would borrow to create this.

Here are the two pictures that inspired me most:



I always saw Skeletor as a magician or warlock, not a muscle-bound swordsman. He didnít need the Schwarzenegger physique to be imposing or to be a warrior. I can easily picture him with a Marilyn Manson stature (hmm). And that kind of made me happier to do this project because Iím as scrawny as they come. Though I did jog every other day and did about a hundred sit-ups every day to make sure I didnít have a gut sticking out. But back to my point, Skeletor should have bony elbows and witch-like fingers complete with long, scraped up fingernails. It just gives him a creepier appearance. The new Skeletor figure kind of achieved that, but despite his bony appearance, he still had Hulk Hogan-like biceps.

I then thought about his clothing. I always love to make things look old and worn. I think itís a true art. So when I thought of Skeletor, I saw him with a little bit of royalty, but at the same time, I can see him crawling out of a rain filled ditch. So I figured he would be clean for the most part, but he still wore his ravaged clothing to show that he has been in battles. Think of a king of the hobos. Heís just as poor as the next guy, but he has a history in his clothing that makes him better.

So as I put that all together, I took some aspects from the toys, cartoons, and movie. I obviously stuck with the blue skin, purple armor, and yellow skull motif. I felt that if I didnít do that, people would just think Iím the Grim Reaper.

Iíll now explain what I did to go through this painstaking process, and what things influenced me throughout.

Letís start with the clothingÖ

The leather pieces: The chest piece, shoulder pads, belt hangings, gauntlets, and shin guards were all cut out of leatherette and sewn together. There were subtle designs sewn into each piece (i.e. skull on belt, spine on back of chest piece, bat on the front, etc.). I painted over the pieces with purple paints with a sponge to give that worn effect. When I painted over the leather pieces, the sewn on designs were Ďhaloedí by black, which was something I really liked.

The cloth pieces: The black cape was cut from a queen size bed sheet. The hood was cut off of an old hoodie sweatshirt I had. I also cut up an old pair of shorts and attached some extra black cloth to them on the sides. I wore a modified (cut) turtleneck under the chest piece, mainly just to hide my neck. I also wore black socks on my arms under the gauntlets and under my shin guards. Pretty much all of these cloth pieces were cut and torn in a ragged fashion. I wanted Skeletor to look like his clothes were freshly washed; yet they were torn and frayed from previous battles.

The cross-bone chest piece: Quite possibly the hardest part of the costume, I searched every pet store for the perfect femur bone to use for my chest piece. I also looked everywhere for a giant red gem. No luck. So after many failed attempts at making my own bones out of existing plastic Halloween props, I just carved them out of wood. This was a lengthy process, but paid off in the end. Then I found one of those circular photo frames (the kind you can hang or use as an ornament), and painted that up to make it look all spiffy. After I super glued those together, I stapled the bones to the leather chest piece as well as the large black elastic bands and created that memorable Masters of the Universe chest protector.

The makeupÖ

The skull: I was hesitant to buy a skull mask, because I wanted it to be entirely my own creation. But Iíve yet to work with latex, and just plain old face makeup wouldnít have done Skeletorís cheekbones justice. So I decided to buy one of those half masks. I modified the skull mask by cutting off the teeth and repainting the entire thing. It gave a good effect to my eyes because it looked like my eyeballs were floating in the eye socket cavity (wow, that sentence was terrible).

I wore fake nails, which I painted a mixture of black and dark blue. I also wore fangs, which canít be seen in this photo.

I painted ĺ of my body blue. It was tough getting it to evenly spread, but at the same time, it added a cool effect. It almost made me look sickly, or maybe battle wounded (bruises and cuts), which adds a bit more to the Skeletor character. But yes, I was pretty naked. It pisses me off when I see costumes that are supposed to expose skin and people just wear tight clothing.

I tried to match my jaw (which was exposed) to the skull mask as best I could. Iím not entirely happy with how it came out, but people complimented me on it regardless. My face looks really round in this photograph, I donít know if itís the mask or what.

The (only) accessoryÖ

The ram skull staff: Speaking of tough, Skeletorís havoc staff gave me some trouble. I was just going to buy a ram skull from E-Bay or someplace that sells stuff like that, but I wasnít going to spend fifty bucks on one. So I decided to make it out of foam core, masking tape, and paper mache. I painted it silver, made it look worn, and attached it to this six foot silver pipe (which I also painted to make it look worn). I glued some black cloth underneath the base of the skull (to add a shaman/witch/sorcerer feel to it).

I didnít want to make a sword because I always felt Skeletor was so much cooler just having his havoc staff. I mean thereís a huge ram skull on the top of this long rod, I certainly wouldnít want to mess with him. And I felt that he was always more of a warlock anyway, and the staff was perfect for a character like that.

In all, the only thing I didnít modify were my boots, although I did put boot coverings over them. So I guess in a way, I did Ďmodifyí them.

My take on the entire processÖ

It was long and I came across a lot of roadblocks. But thatís bound to happen no matter what costume youíre making. My fingers killed everyday from sewing, I took up the entire table with paints for two months, and I covered my couch in leather and cloth for just as long. But this is my passion. My dream job would be to work in Hollywood making costumes or props similar to this.

In all, Iím somewhat satisfied. Iím glad that I made my own version of Skeletor. Iím happy with the cloth, leather, my staff, the blue paint, etc. The only turn off is my skull face. Though everyone else complimented me on it, I feel I could have done better if I knew how to work with latex. Maybe Iíll be able to bust this costume out in a few years after I learn how to make latex masks.

Ok, this description is way too long, but if you read the whole thing - thanks.
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Eye-gor Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
Great Skeletor costume man!
cosmex Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
Interesting, very interesting.
modus77 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
Hey, where's the link to the second skeletor pic from? I tried cutting the end of the link so i could find the artists album but was unable to. Do you have a link to the album that works, if he has more skeletor pictures like this? Skeletor pictures are so hard to come by, and that is the most unusual one I have ever seen. he is drawn so slim, innocent, devious, feminine and seductive, its really interesting for a warlock with a skull whos suppose to be a monster to be drawn so alluring and almost innocent looking, like i said! wow!
modus77 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
Hey have you ever tried to make a ninja turtles costume? like a good adult one? or do you know anyone who has or can be comissioned to make one? I've looked everywhere and have no luck... Im not sure if TMNT is your thing so forgive me if it is not, but im new to DA. and I thought you did such a good job on skeletor and you mentioned that your dream job would be to make costumes for hollywood, so I thought that you may have made many other costumes too and maybe at a long shot a TMNT one also..? thanks and again its really good and I'd love to see what else you've done!
modus77 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
very sexy
GlamourBoy Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
You got it.
modus77 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010
I sure do ;)
The-Drunken-Celt Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
dude, thats bad ass
nekrobator Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2006
very cool stuff, love skeletor, metallest dude ever, and youve recreated him awesomely...
GlamourBoy Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2006
Thanks very much.
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